Not Without Me

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 When my mum’s new partner walked into our lives, bringing along his brooding son, Cade Westwood, I never imagined the rollercoaster that awaited me.

Cade, haunted by his past, kept a tight lid on his emotions, and I couldn't help but be intrigued by the mystery that surrounded him. Little did I know that our innocent connection would soon be tested by unexpected hurdles, turning our fairy-tale love story into a haunting nightmare.

Fast forward sixteen years, and I find myself staring into the eyes of Cade once again—only this time, he’s my boss. The wounds from our shared history resurface, and I’m forced to confront the bittersweet memories that still linger.

As I try to navigate my newfound professional life, buried feelings for Cade threaten to emerge from the shadows. Will I be able to keep my emotions in check? And can Cade’s secrets avoid derailing our chance at a renewed connection?

Trigger Warning: Explores themes of parental death, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and trauma that some readers may find triggering.